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Appel d'offre / Call for tender - "Green investment gap" study


The purpose of this project is to carry out a study at European Union level, that will provide an overview of the sectoral investments needed to decarbonise the economy of a sample of European countries representing at least 75% of EU GDP and 70% of EU emissions. This sample should include one country from each EU regional sub-set. Ideally this sample will include the following Member States: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden.

The study covers several objectives:

  • To better understand the amount of investments needed to achieve carbon neutrality, and the differences from one country to another;
  • To generate new ideas and fact and figures- based proposals to feed the European Parliament's debates;
  • To gather very concrete legislative tools (amendment proposals) on several subjects related to the public and private investments in the ecological transition, to encourage healthy debates based on scientific findings.
  • To strengthen the measures taken in the EU and identify "best practices" to be developed in the Member States;
  • To prepare the 2024 European elections and strengthen the analysis of the Greens on investing for climate neutrality, on the basis of precise figures.

The study should answer several questions:

  1. What are the public and private investments needed to achieve carbon neutrality in the countries selected from a representative sample of at least 75% of GDP and 70% of EU emissions?
  2. What public and private investments are needed to achieve carbon neutrality in the countries selected from a representative sample of at least 75% of GDP and 70% of EU emissions?
  3. What respective amounts and share of public and private investment does this represent in addition to what is already planned to be invested anyway, on a similar scope, in a “business-as-usual scenario” continuing current trends and policies?

The study will present the results as follows:

  • a summary of the sectoral emission reductions that we are seeking to achieve for all sectors of activity
  • a summary of the investments required in total and by sector, in cumulative and annual average terms by 2050. The same view is also given in terms of additional investments (extra costs) compared to a business-as-usual scenario, which is sometimes referred to as a reference.
  • a general view of the distribution of these investments to be made before 2030 and between 2030 and 2050 to ensure compliance with the European intermediate decarbonisation target for 2030. In this respect, the study will be based on the latest European targets, i.e. a -55% reduction in emissions in 2030 compared to 1990 ("Fit for 55")
  • if possible, a comparison of these results with existing literature

A budget of up to EUR 170,000 will be made available. The budget available for the project includes all elements of its conception and execution.